NO Dedicated Bike Lane On Fitzroy Street

Fitzroy St. already has a shared bike lane that works well, stop the waste of 1 Million dollars on this street. 

Who to voice concerns to:

Mayor Philip Brown - 902 393 2601

Counselor Alanna Jankov Ward 1 - 902 393 3999

Counselor Terry MacLeod Ward 2 - 902 394 7821

Residents and businesses have NOT been consulted before the project was started and funding was obtained.

Downtown Charlottetown Inc. and its members have not been consulted on this permanent year round change to Fitzroy Street.

1 Million dollars in funding will be needed for this lane and has been earmarked without prior consultation from the residents or businesses on this street, this money should be used for actual dangerous cycling areas of the city or affordable housing.

An additional $74,163 of city taxpayers money is being spent on planning for this without prior consultation from the residents and businesses on this street.

Residents and businesses will lose street parking.

Access to residents driveways will be limited.

Residents, businesses, the food bank at the Salvation Army and Holland College Students will all lose valuable on street parking.

The street is already tight and a full time bike lane in winter is ill conceived and poorly thought out.

If a lane is put in, walkers, runners and other people will use this lane dedicated to cyclists and this causes major issues with safety and incidents of rage in other cities that have implemented this.

A barrier system on this street will be extremely dangerous in the winter.

Fitzroy Street is one of the safest streets already in the city to bike on.

Victoria Park bike lane is NOT open during the winter as no one will use it and it is dangerous, the same example would apply to Fitzroy Street.

Barriers will be put in the street and affect its flow and beauty.

The city will lose revenue from removal of street parking that can be ticketed.

Removal of street parking causing  stress on side streets to Fitzroy and making side street parking even harder.

Entering and exiting parkade will be more difficult and dangerous.

Proper clearing of a yearly bike lane in the winter will cost much more and forever be an added cost to the taxpayers.


Enforcement costs will be added for writing tickets to people who use the lane that are non-bikers.


Property values will be affected because of lack of property access. 

Currently Fitzroy St, especially at the start of the street is not cleaned properly and takes weeks for this to happen and usually only happens after several snow falls, if the city cannot maintain the street properly now, how are they supposed to do so with an added burden?.

Fitzroy is NOT the street for a corridor to downtown, the connecting streets of Great George and Queen Street are extremely busy with cars and delivery trucks, the street that should be the corridor is Water Street. Water Street is already a pedestrian destination with little to no on-street parking and is a much better choice, it links to the downtown without the dangers of crossing Queen or Great George. Water Street is also the end of the confederation trail and the home of the upcoming Eastern Gateway project and is the natural fit for a bike lane to tie the city together.

Extreme area of interest, removal of people's driveways and on street  parking, without their consent or approval in the CBCL Report, page 19.





A seasonal lane

Calming measures in the summer such as planters.

4 Way Stop signs at EVERY intersection NOT lights with push buttons. Drivers do not respect the walk light at Great George and Fitzroy (Extremely dangerous intersection) they will ignore a bike light even more.

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